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In recent years, the cost and relative ease of High Definition Video Conferencing (HDVC) has come down in price immensely and revolutionary developments made by such companies as Vidyo have made long distance, group meetings more affordable. One area that has received a lot of benefit from video conferencing is online teaching. The ability to introduce word documents, PowerPoint presentations, annotate screens and run video clips has been a real boon to the virtual classroom.
Part of running any exciting learning environment is the ability to include interesting visual information and the latest versions of HDVC allow a total multimedia of images to spice up lessons. Courses can be simply planned, as PowerPoint presentations with the inclusion of documents and movie images as the lesson progresses.
The teacher is also able to run classes from single one-to-one courses or large forums catering for many students at once. These HDVC systems also allow the teacher to actively include students in the lessons encouraging vocal interaction or writing on the board and labelling images.
The revolutionary development of the HDVC architecture means that all taking part are treated to high quality, television style presentation and crystal clear sound. This means that lessons are easy to follow and there is no disruption with time lag or image distortion. In an environment where understanding in order to learn is of utmost importance the technology behind the system ensures students only have to worry about the quality of the lecture not the video conference delivering it.
The benefits gained by teachers using HDVC lessons are:
Provides clear and audible lessons due to the innovative system delivering the conference call. A fully interactive lesson, made capable with the HDVC adaptable system that allows for the inclusion of video, audio and written content onto the screen. Easy to set up. The systems run on a normal desktop computer, using off the shelf peripherals such as webcams, microphones and speakers. Affordable. As a cloud based software system it doesn’t need downloads, maintenance and system updates as the manufacturers undertake all this off-site. Accessible. Both in terms of cost and system requirements it makes learning within the price range of most students throughout the world. Using a desktop computer or IP enabler device students can learn anywhere. Fun. By bringing exciting source material and stimulating images to lessons you can create a dynamic, high-octane lesson that truly engages with students

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