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What exactly is meant by the terms web conferencing, multi-party video and online video conference calls? This applies to online, computer software that enables individuals or groups to communicate together from different, remote locations. Using standard IP Internet lines, with cloud based software that does not require additional hardware or installation onto a users desktop or device.
Users simply log-on and begin talking, lecturing or presenting, the features of modern systems allow for the use of sharing applications such as PowerPoint, Word documentation or Excel Spreadsheets in real time. This therefore not only includes audio visual information but also allows for interactive, informative presentations to take place.
As there is no need for software installation, complicated computer reconfiguring or the purchase of expensive additional hardware it makes for a cost effective and adaptable method of utilising video conferencing. Business-to-business calls are easily set up and allow for the inclusion of many interesting visual components to a call. All that users require is a standard desktop computer, a web-cam and high-speed internet connection and you are ready to make a conference call.
The person running the conference or lecture should ideally use a VoIP headset for the best quality and entrants or delegates are invited to join the call through an email invitation, with a link directly to the conference site, at the click of a mouse.
The use of document sharing is ideal for designers to collaborate, the systems ability to annotate images makes teaching simple and the high quality images produced give hospitals easy access to professional opinions and diagnosticians from afar.
For many years the cost of setting up purpose built video conference room was prohibitive for many companies but the use of normal computers, VoIP technology and off the shelf peripherals such as web-cams and speakers make it universally available. This has led to an overwhelming increasing in businesses that are linking up across the Internet.
It has led to a democratisation of the business world, as SME’s are now able to capitalise on the global economy and no just multi national corporations. Companies are able to conduct weekly sales talks, advertising promotions, and design development directly with customers on the other side of the world without any problem. High definition video calls are now possible from the executive boardroom to the kitchen table with nothing more costly than a computer connected to the Internet with a web-cam.

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