Expensive Top Five Ranked University College In The World

1. Sarah Lawrence College
Sarah-Lawrence-College-In-Manhattan-New YorkSarah Lawrence College is top most expensive college in the world. It is located 15 miles north of Manhattan, New York. The College was founded by William Van Duzer Lawrance and he named the college after his wife’s name. The college is teaching 1,200 students.

2. Trinity College
Trinity College was second oldest university in Connecticut established in 1823. It's College other extensive opportunities to students to study and get practical training. This college you need to spend at least $ 53,380 per year and the cost includes fees, room and board charges.

3. Bard College on Hudson, New York
Bard-College-Annandale-on-Hudson-New York
Bard College is Annandale on Hudson, New York. Bard has developed several innovative graduate programs and research institutes. Bard Program in Advanced Photographic Studies in Manhattan.

4. New York University
New York University is non-sectarian private university in New York. New York University’s campus is located in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village. Founded in 1831. New York University student more than 50,000 employees and people in the United States. New York University is largest private nonprofit higher education. New York University a Nobel Laureate of 31, winner of the Abel Prize 3, Pulitzer Prize-winning 16 Academy Awards, Emmy Award winning, has won 19 Grammy Awards and Tony Awards.

5. Columbia University In New York
Columbia University cover on 36 acres in New York City. Columbia is also embarking on a major campus includes several new research and cultural buildings across 17 acres in northern Manhatta. The university's 22 libraries and state of the art research facilities. University was established in 1754 and regarded as one of the oldest university.

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